Office Moves & Wiring

Hassle-free Office Moving and Office Cable Installation for businesses in and around Charlotte, Raleigh, and Charleston

Are you concerned that moving your business will create downtime that might affect your bottom line? You will appreciate the expert office cable installation by our professional technicians that minimizes any downtime caused by an office relocation.

With office moving and network cabling services from the experts at Refresh Technologies, you can experience a worry-free relocation of your Charlotte, Raleigh and Charleston business, with minimal downtime.

The team of experts from Refresh Technologies can deliver the following office cable management services and office moving solutions without interruption to your daily business:

  • Office Cabling and Wiring - for your new construction or upgrade to fiber optics
  • Office Relocation - including relocation of your entire network, servers, workstations, and printers
  • Relocation Management - which includes your Website, email, telephony, and Internet
  • Blueprints for Cabling and As-Builts - to create a reliable infrastructure for your new network

Don't be put off by the daunting idea of relocating your business with all its technology - depend on our experts instead.

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Refresh Technologies is the company that will take the edge off of relocating your business. With service in Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, Greensboro, Gastonia and Pineville, our office cable management services provide the solution needed for a smooth transition of your technology as you relocate your business.

When you depend on us for strategic network cabling design, office cable management, office moving, network cabling analysis, communications & network cabling, equipment/server racks, office cabling services, or structure cabling, you can rest assured you've made a sound investment.

With the careful design and implementation of your cabling plan, we provide an enduring solution that is the backbone of your business. We've got your future in mind with our office cabling services and office moving solutions, easing your worries about IT infrastructure today and tomorrow.