4 Reasons G Suite may be the best growth investment you can make

4 Reasons G Suite may be the best growth investment you can make

Most of today’s business computing takes place in the cloud. No longer restricted by the limitations of in-house technology and the dedicated IT departments needed to keep everything running smoothly, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have enough agility to compete with big-name enterprises like never before. SMBs from virtually every industry can benefit from cloud-hosted IT services, such as online storage, document management, and professional email.

Arguably the biggest problem with cloud IT services is there are so many vendor and provider options. For office productivity applications and related services, Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite are by far the largest players, and they both offer important benefits for growing businesses. Let’s look at why you should choose G Suite for your business.

#1. Improved communication

Any company’s success hinges on its ability to communicate effectively, not just with its customers, but also between internal departments. Sadly, a lot of organizations still have departments that are disconnected from each other and unable to work efficiently together.

Despite exiting the testing phase only in 2009, Gmail now holds the second largest market share with 26%; clearly, Google knows something about email. When Gmail is combined with other productivity software in G Suite, users can collaborate in real time while coauthoring documents, chat using the Hangouts app, and schedule their days in the Calendar app.

#2. Accessibility anywhere

Before, bored employees would wait for work to come their way. Now, cloud services allow employees access to company files at at all hours. So they don’t need to wait for files to be located and delivered to their desks to start working.

And with mobile devices, they don’t even need to be at their desks! Unlike more traditional solutions, such as Microsoft Office for desktop, G Suite apps are exclusively web-based. You can create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and a whole lot more using nothing but a web browser or mobile app. So your employees can work from anywhere.

#3. Fast onboarding

One of the biggest barriers to innovation is a lack of buy-in from employees who fail to recognize or appreciate the benefits of a particular solution. When that happens, people tend to neglect new IT investments, and workflow becomes confusing and muddled. To avoid this, you need a clearly defined onboarding process.

Although G Suite hasn’t been around for nearly as long as its only major competitor, it follows all the industry standards and best practices when it comes to optimizing user experiences. Onboarding a new employee is as easy as pie with G Suite’s tutorial, which minimizes the learning curve and improves the user experience.

#4. Scalable infrastructure

The flexibility of your in-house technology can either enable business growth or impede new opportunities. To ensure the former, you need your solution to be scalable and with the right support structure.

Since G Suite is hosted in and powered by some of the biggest data centers on the planet, scalability will never be a concern. You won’t need to worry about the limitations of physical space, outdated technology, or lack of in-house expertise. Google will handle all that on your behalf. This degree of scalability also ensures that you don’t waste money, since you only pay for what you need.

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