5 Ways small businesses can benefit from having an MSP manage Office 365

5 Ways small businesses can benefit from having an MSP manage Office 365

Office 365 is so much more than just a business email solution. It’s the world’s favorite office productivity suite, online collaboration platform, and more. From the perspective of end users, Office 365 provides a familiar user experience. However, under the hood, it’s a very nuanced and sophisticated platform with a raft of advanced functionalities. By having a third party manage your Office 365 environment, you can get a whole lot more for your investment.

#1. Increase profitability with predictable budgeting

Managing an Office 365 deployment when you have dozens of end users is a lot harder than managing a typical consumer solution. Since your bottom line has a direct impact on the overall efficiency of your business, the last thing you want is unpredictable costs taking over. By shifting the burden of support and maintenance to a third party, you can greatly reduce support costs and eliminate indirect costs, such as those associated with unscheduled downtime. An MSP will also help you choose the right licensing plans and provide everything on a single, consolidated invoice.

#2. Boost efficiency with greater accessibility

When your end users don’t have to worry about things like long support queues or inadequate workarounds to otherwise trivial issues, they’ll be able to work much more efficiently. An MSP can help you build a fully cloud-enabled Office 365 infrastructure while providing you the means to centrally manage access controls. This gives end users far greater flexibility as to when and where they work, since everything will be accessible through a browser. Add round-the-clock monitoring to the mix and you can proactively eliminate downtime and performance issues too.

#3. Ease migration woes with expert guidance

If you’re currently using a different platform, such as Google’s G Suite, then moving everything over to Office 365 can be a monumental challenge. Without adequate planning, it can take months. By partnering with an MSP who specializes in Office 365 migrations, you can greatly reduce the time frame, as well as the chances of any unforeseen problems like data loss and security breaches. An MSP will plan, test, migrate, manage, and validate the entire process to ensure your emails, documents, and apps are ready to be used just as you left them.

#4. Protect data to meet security and compliance demands

Security, privacy, and compliance are key concerns in an age when cybercriminals are out to steal and compromise data. When you’re making the move to a completely new platform, there’s an even higher risk of something going wrong, unless you know exactly what you’re doing. A dependable MSP has the expertise and technical resources to ensure that doesn’t happen. They can also ensure that you meet industry-specific standards on compliance like HIPAA, so that the certification process for your business can be a breeze.

Also, having an off-site managed hosting service at your disposal greatly increases business resiliency. MSPs can also set up cloud-hosted virtual machines with your Office 365 applications pre-installed, so your employees should be able to get straight back to work with minimal disruption after an incident.

#5. Align technology with operational objectives
A reliable MSP is far more than just a reseller. They’re valued business partners with a vested interest in making sure you get the best possible return on your investment in technology. To that end, they’ll help you choose the right Office 365 licensing options and implement only the features you need to meet your business imperatives. There’ll be less unnecessary bloat and more business goal-driven planning. With a managed hosting service on your side, you’ll have all the opportunities you need to customize your deployment without having to worry about complexities.

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