Why your company needs data visualization tools like Power BI

Why your company needs data visualization tools like Power BI

The endless amount of content on the web can be a problem for both content creators and audiences. They often leave people with information overload and eye strain, and with almost 2 million websites on the web and 4.4 million blog posts published every day, each content has to compete for traction.

If you don’t want your business blog posts to be lost in this ocean of information, there’s more you can do aside from search engine optimization (SEO) and using keywords — and that’s data visualization.

Data visualization allows you to present data in a graphical and interactive form so your audiences and readers can understand your content more easily. Microsoft hosts a data visualization tool called Power BI, and here are the reasons why your company needs it.

#1 Improved audience engagement

Huge blocks of text explaining data will never fly with most readers. If your post is filled with text descriptions, readers will lose interest and won’t even finish reading the entire report.

For instance, when you’re trying to show illustrate the danger and extent of cyber scams, what do you think will spark your readers’ interest: listing all the cities and states where cybercrimes occurred, or simply showing a cyberattack map?


Readers usually have short attention spans. Most of them will open an article, decide in a matter seconds whether they’ll read it, scroll down, and look for an interesting photo that can simplify their reading. If an image will effectively convey the message you want to tell, use data visualization instead of a lengthy explanation.

#2 Better finance reports

Most companies have several sources of in-depth data that they can use to track the organization’s performance and to predict trends in their business. But forward-thinking organizations know that having the data is not enough; they must effectively communicate it with their employees and customers, as well.

Smart data visualization is essential for managers so they can distill meaningful insights from the overwhelming volume of data that business processes every day.


For instance, if you want to compare spending across all your departments and across categories — travel, expenses, and meals — you can either create a spreadsheet of all your expense logs or generate a chart that visualizes your data.

When you use a spreadsheet, chances are your data will be overlooked, and your message won’t come through. But if you clearly show in your graphs that airline fees are skyrocketing, no one will think twice about limiting business trips and opting for online conferences instead.

#3 More effective marketing strategies

With the amount of data on consumer behavior being collected by your company, you can adapt to the emerging trends in the market and increase your revenue. But for this to be possible, you need an effective way to analyze and report this information.

Perhaps you’d like to show your boss that the reason for the decrease in customers this month is due to the lack of engagement of potential customers on your website. It would be easier to compile the hourly reports on your website activity over the course of a month or a year and correlate the revenue with the drop in your website page views.

It’s a straightforward way of visualizing a trend that will convince your skeptical boss to revamp your website to keep your customers happy and engaged.

Data visualization by Microsoft Power BI allows for easier communication and better business decisions. If you have more questions about data visualization, contact Refresh Technologies today. With our free consultation, learn how data visualization can cater to your company’s unique needs.