How do you prevent a data breach?

How do you prevent a data breach?

Virtually all businesses from any industry have already digitized their business environment for more efficient workflows, better collaboration, and lower operational costs. But with this advancement comes cybersecurity issues. Data breaches continue to be a burden to businesses, according to 2019 Thales Data Threat report.

What’s more, Gartner predicts cybersecurity spending to skyrocket to more than $1 trillion by 2021. To prevent the increasing number of malware attacks from affecting your business, here are four things you should do.

#1. Involve employees in protecting your data

If you want to keep data breaches at arm’s length, involve everyone in your company in a campaign to increase cybersecurity awareness. Most cyberattacks involve human error, so the first line of action should be educating your employees about the different routes of phishing attacks and how to avoid them.

Tell your employees to beware of emails and SMS that come from unfamiliar sources. Also, check for the authenticity of the websites before clicking on any links, especially if they’re from emails that ask for personal or corporate information.

Moreover, you can enforce an employee policy around data privacy and security. Train your employees regularly about using unique passwords, handling, disposing, and retrieving protected data, and reporting suspicious activities in your network.

#2. Keep your software updated

As soon as software companies release an update, consult your IT expert whether the update is compatible with your infrastructure and if so, download the update. This way, your software will be free of any bugs and will work at its best.

This will also ensure that your software is not vulnerable to cyberattacks. Hackers have tools to scan a large number of data in a short time to check if they’re vulnerable to any kind of infiltration. If your software is always updated, they will have more robust protection against cyberthreats.

If you don’t want to manually update your software programs, you can set automatic updates. This is easier to do, but you’ll have to make sure that the updates are set outside of office hours so they don’t affect your employees’ productivity.

#3. Boost your network security

Aside from training your employees and updating your software, using data encryption and building up a web application firewall (WAF) can also prevent hackers from gaining access to your data.

A WAF will serve as a barrier between your web server and each data connection. It filters every byte of data that passes from the web to your database and blocks any attempts to hack into your servers. You can consult with your managed IT services provider (MSP) if they offer a cloud-based WAF so you can have the cybersecurity you need for a flat and affordable monthly subscription.

Moreover, data encryption prevents unauthorized people from accessing your company data. With data encryption, your sensitive information can be encoded (ciphered), which means they will appear scrambled or unreadable to people or entities who don’t have the correct encryption key. This way, only authorized people can access the data.

#4. Partner with an MSP

Regular training on cybersecurity will educate your employees, but it won’t be enough to instill a sense of urgency. A specialist can educate your employees further by tackling the data breaches in the recent past and keeping cybersecurity a top priority in your business.

MSPs can also monitor your data 24/7/365, so you can rest assured that your systems are protected even when you are out of the office. And as experts, they’ll also know which aspects of your IT infrastructure need revamping or updating, so you’ll always be a step ahead of cybercriminals.

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