How to be productive when working from home

How to be productive when working from home

Former Coca-Cola CEO Brian Dyson once recommended to work efficiently during office hours and leave on time so you won’t have to bring your work home with you. But this can be tricky when you’re working at home. Sure, working while wearing only sweatpants with your feet on the coffee table is a big perk of telecommuting But with your gadgets tempting you to sneak in a few minutes to play a “quick” video game or with the constant temptation to take a “5-minute” coffee-break, your productivity can suffer.

But worry not because all you need is to be in an environment that lets you focus on your tasks and meet your deadlines. Here are four tips to stay productive — even during a lazy weekend afternoon at home.

#1. Stick to your morning habits

Have you ever wondered why, whenever you come into the office on a normal workday, you are somehow able to wake up before the sun rises, whip up a smoothie, probably even go for a run, and still be on a roll once you sit at your desk? But, when you’re working from home, you may find that your brain may not function until after you’ve showered and drank coffee.

That’s because human beings are creatures of habit. Your habits in the office are different from your habits at home. You need to develop a work-from-home habit; the next time you work from home, wake up early, get out of your pajamas, and start your day as if you were going to the office. By sticking to your familiar working habits, you’ll train yourself to also be more productive at home.

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#2. Set up a workspace at home

It’s hard to focus when you’re working in the same area where you relax and sleep. That is, seeing your bed signals your brain to go on a “rest mode.”

You can avoid this dilemma by setting up a workspace with a desk that’s conducive for working, such as in front of a window or a wall. Make sure you can’t see any other parts of the house like your bedroom or your kitchen so you won’t be tempted to sleep or take snack breaks too often. You can also listen to ambient noises or instrumental music to drown out the usual sounds in your home.

#3. Take short, regular breaks

An article by Smart Business says that short breaks can promote creativity, improve concentration, and promote mental health. If you’re cramming all your tasks in one sitting, you may commit errors and lose your drive — even in the comfort of your home. Wherever you work, make sure to take regular breaks to refocus and recharge.

A great way to do this is to use the Pomodoro technique, a time management method in which you work for 25 minutes at a time and take 5-minute breaks in between. After four focused-work sessions, you can take longer breaks. Apps like Tide or Forest can help you keep track of time while you listen to ambient sounds like ocean waves or falling rain.

#4. Turn of notifications

One of the best things about working at home is that you won’t get distracted by office chatter and a variety of other distractions. But if your notifications are all on active mode, office chats and hourly check-ins from colleagues will distract you just the same.

When you work at home, make sure to turn off alerts on your computer and phone. Without these alerts popping on your screen and interrupting your work, you can get much more done while you work at home.

Telecommuting can be a great way to work. If you have more questions about how to boost your productivity, call Refresh Technologies today.

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