The impact of technology on healthcare

Technology has significantly disrupted the healthcare industry over the past few years. Patients get better care and can schedule appointments with just a few clicks of the mouse, while doctors can now diagnose and administer accurate treatments with high-tech devices.

Are your healthcare organization’s HIPAA compliance efforts up to date?

Healthcare providers are legally obligated to store patients’ data securely. But as more practices adopt the EHR (Electronic Health Record) system, the risk and ease of having their data breached and used for malicious purposes have increased. That’s why it’s crucial for healthcare organizations like yours to constantly maintain and update its technology and compliance program to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Healthcare: Prevent insider threats

Healthcare is the only industry where insider threats pose the greatest threat to sensitive data, with 58 percent of security incidents coming from people working within the organization itself. Here’s a look at five ways to prevent such breaches. #1 Educate – The workforce (meaning all healthcare employees) must be educated on allowable uses and […]