Managed Cloud Security Services for North Carolina Businesses

Prevent unauthorized access and data loss while enabling secure remote working

Your cloud infrastructure opens the door for unrivaled productivity and efficiency benefits, but without proper cybersecurity measures, online attacks can sneak in. Because your data has to be transmitted to you from a data center, there is increased risk of cybercriminals piggybacking into your network or accessing data in transit. These risks increase when you have remote workers accessing your network off site, but Refresh Technologies will help you minimize risk without hampering the benefits the cloud provides.
Our cloud security consultants analyze the way your organization utilizes the cloud and perform vulnerability assessments to identify risks. We then recommend cybersecurity solutions that address these weaknesses, then implement and manage them for you so your workforce never has to wonder if they are protected. With our team monitoring your cloud network and keeping your security tools updated and maintained, you can work with confidence knowing you are safe from costly and damaging cyberattacks.
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Refresh’s Managed Cloud Security services protect your: