IT Solutions for Manufacturing Industry Businesses

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Because your IT is such an integral part of your operations, technology disruptions mean disruption of your production lines, which in turn leads to lost revenue and unhappy customers. Refresh Technologies will not only solve your IT problems fast, but also perform proactive maintenance to stop IT downtime from occurring in the first place. We’re available for support 24/7/365, so you’ll never be left alone at a critical moment.
Besides keeping your facility’s IT network running at optimal performance at all times, we’ll also implement integrated technologies that are specially designed for the manufacturing industry. Our experienced engineers and consultants have worked in a wide variety of challenging manufacturing environments, and will help you improve your collaboration, data security, and communication between your manufacturing floor, company offices, supply and distribution partners, and customers.
These cutting-edge solutions will reduce your costs, increase efficiency, and boost productivity, leading to more stable profits and a reputation for reliability.

With Refresh Technologies handling your business technology, you get: