Business Continuity Planning

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery that keep your business on track in and around Charlotte, Raleigh, and Charleston

When it comes to your irreplaceable business data and the business systems you rely on, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Stop worrying about the unknown and get protected with a disaster recovery plan that insures the crucial data and systems of your business. Refresh Technologies specializes in designing and testing disaster recovery plans, as well as ensuring strategic data backup, computer hard drive backup, and complete hardware and system recovery that will defend your Charlotte, Raleigh or Charleston business against cyber attacks.

Refresh’s Business Continuity Planning services help:

  • Back up all your data - so you stop worrying about the potential impacts of both natural and manmade disasters
  • Automate backups - that ensure the latest versions of your data through continual backups
  • Improve risk management - with complete certainty that your valuable business assets are protected
  • Provide a speedy recovery - if disaster strikes, we will have you up and running in no time

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