Email & Spam Protection

Protect your business from online threats

Safeguard one of your business’s most vital assets

Fast, efficient communication is one of the most important tools for running a successful business. While the benefits of email are undeniable, if you’re not adequately protected, you are leaving your business vulnerable to online attacks, including spam, phishing, viruses and malware. With Email & Spam Protection from Refresh Technologies, your business can enjoy a reliable email system without being exposed to the safety threats associated with email.

Email & Spam Protection from Refresh helps:

  • Improve email access - with flexible search options and attachment & message archiving
  • Refine business processes - ease the pressure on your server by offloading huge amounts of storage
  • Ensure email security - prevent online threats and safeguard your business
  • Simplify systems - get complete email indexing and easy access to your data

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