Our team is mobile 52 weeks a year producing events all over North America, so our technology of all kinds has to work, period. By 2010, our company had been experiencing tremendous growth and our model of an in-house support person to handle requests for nearly 70 people 24/7 was just not working anymore. Upon the recommendation of a colleague, we met with Refresh to see what we could do to improve the level of support our employees were receiving. I was nervous about bringing in an outside firm and employee “push back” because our “IT guy” didn’t work here anymore, but I have never looked back. The transition was seamless. Refresh has become essential to our operations, managing everything from our unique mobile technologies to PCs, laptops, and servers. We could never afford to employ an in-house team with the knowledge, quick response times, and expertise that we get from Refresh.

Lisa Ward
JHE Production Group